Baden-Württemberg Pavilion – “Co-Creation of Innovation”


Baden-Württemberg Haus Dubai 2020 GmbH

Commissioned by:

Baden-Württemberg Haus Dubai 2020 GmbH


1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022


Expo 2020 Dubai

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Being one of the most modern industrial areas in the world, Baden-Württemberg intends to show the importance of connection and network that bond science, business, and civil society in a unique way at Expo 2020 Dubai. Several of the largest German companies are headquartered in Baden-Württemberg, such as SAP, Bosch, Porsche, and Daimler, establishing the southeastern German state as a centre of innovation, finance, research, culture, and tourism, a dreamland not only for big corporation’s prosperity bus also for medium-sized companies. The House of Baden-Württemberg does not solely focus on technological innovations but also on revealing a high degree of sustainability. 

Main Theme

The main theme is “Co-creation of Innovation”, which already speaks for itself. Baden-Württemberg symbolizes the strength of famous German quality and functionality as every detail of the pavilion is meticulously chosen and designed, delivering a specific message for visitors. Just to mention the building’s showcase which has not only met structural and architectural requirements but also has accommodated future requisites for the building. 

The Experience

The entrance of the Baden-Württemberg exhibition is designed to illustrate the state’s high quality of life, experience beautiful nature, and learn more about the people’s lifestyle, culture, and traditions of the past and present. Furthermore, this area emphasizes the importance of sustainability and its high valued role in the state. 

In the centre of the main exhibition, guests will find “the source of information” fitted with the latest equipment, symbolizing innovative strength. 

The next stop is the “field of innovation” that introduces Baden-Württemberg’s numerous initiatives and projects, focusing on groundbreaking ideas and solutions. Finally, an interactive station encourages visitors to get engaged and learn more about innovation. 

Our Main Challenges

Any masterpiece comes with a price, and Baden-Württemberg was not an exception. As a result, we have faced a few challenging moments while working on this project. 

Firstly, our design team had to build 43 lighting fixtures for leaf and mirror effects, which had to be custom-made following our client’s requirements.

Secondly, the team had to install precise video projections on a double floor on a wooden outline of the Baden-Württemberg pavilion. 

Our Solutions

The first challenge was tackled with the assistance of our sister company Go-Dev. We built VDE standardized lighting fixtures for “leaf” and installed them successfully in the centre of the main exhibition on the pavilion’s second floor.

For the second challenge, we run countless simulations to warp images correctly on an uneven surface and effectively install projections. 

Photos: Andreas Keller