Belarus Pavilion “Forest of Future Technologies”, Expo 2020 Dubai


NÜSSLI Satal Project Management LLC

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NÜSSLI Satal Project Management LLC


1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022


Expo 2020 Dubai

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Belarus is a country with an ancient history and rich traditions with magnificent nature and fantastic architecture that combines the heritage of Western European and Eastern Slavic traditions. Belarus is famous for its forests and lakes – it is not coincidental that it is called “the lungs of Europe”. Belarus has wide, bright avenues and narrow cobbled streets, Catholic churches and Orthodox cathedrals, majestic castles, and log houses in villages. 

In the post-Soviet Union region, Belarus is known for its sanatoriums, located in pristine forests with clean air and surrounded by wild nature. Additionally, the country takes great pride in the quality of its agriculture, food products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and petrochemicals, engineering vehicles, IT, textiles, and woodworking exported all around the EU, Russia, China, and Central Asia.

Main Theme

The main theme of the pavilion was inspired by Belarusian primeval forests that symbolize the strength of the bond between people and nature. The focus on connectivity relates to the Expo 2020 Dubai theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. It shows how great ideas are encouraged via previous discoveries and inventions. The Belarus pavilion emphasizes the importance of unity and cooperation through the forest of ideas that innovate, mobilize, and create opportunities. The pavilion’s design is built around three core principles: Individual, Innovation and Investment.

The Experience

At the pavilion entrance, visitors will face an interactive forest that greets and interacts with people.

The Interactive Corridor shows majestic natural sceneries projected on the LED screen with the characteristic sounds of a forest.

On the first floor of the pavilion, guests will be familiarized with the technological and innovative side of the country. 

Next, visitors proceed to the Investment Zone; the area is designed to introduce investment opportunities for potential investors and provide insights into the business environment. 

Moving on through Investment into the “Doors to Belarus” dedicated to various artistic and cultural treasures of the country. Visitors may rest in the area and enjoy beautiful images of Belarus’ cultural heritage projected on a giant screen.

On the way to the last “WOW Zone”, guests will have a peaceful walk through a 25-meter-long corridor that delights visitors with a green path and meticulously selected inspirational messages on the wall. 

The “WOW Zone” is a serene authentic place that consists of several levels, where visitors will hear their steps echo and flowing water while walking down and gazing upon a majestic Tree of Minds. 

Our Main Challenges

Finding a perfect balance between the client’s budget and exacting technical requirements was a challenge we aspired to solve. The Belarus pavilion has an amazing concept with many technical interactive features and special light/audio effects. It motivated us to use an unconventional approach to complete our scope with the budget provided. 

The equipment we used in the project was from many different manufacturers; therefore, it was demanding to keep track of the market prices, especially during the long period of the Expo build and fit-out. 

In addition to the AV&L installation in the exhibition, we also built a multifunctional stage with AV&L entertainment technology adaptable for different types of performances.

Our Solutions

In order to keep the project within the budget, we had to be cost-efficient and creative. For that reason, numerous alternatives were proposed to the client to find the best solution without compromising the design and quality. 

BeWunder has good suppliers with long-term relationships, and we managed to keep ourselves informed about every change in prices. Since we had provided different cost-effective options to the client, we had to ensure that all the required equipment would be available in the market. 

We also had to make changes in the spectrum of materials for the outdoor stage in order to find a perfect fit for every type of performance.

Photos: Andreas Keller