BLAST Pro Series Global Final, Bahrain


Blast Pro Series & Bahrain

Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs

Commissioned by:

Stamina Productions


13th and 14th December 2019


Isa Sports City, Bahrain

Supplied Services for this Project:


The BLAST Pro Series Global ‘Counterstrike Tournament’ Final held in Bahrain at Isa Sports City, culminated one of the most engaging, explosive and entertaining e-sports tournaments in the world with a prize pool of $500,000. The event also hosted an audience of thousands in an engaging and electrifying format, and connected millions of viewers online and on live TV.  

The BLAST Pro Series partnered with the Bahrain Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs to host the global final round of the competition and insisted on working with a regional technical solutions partner that had a world-class reputation in delivering seemingly impossible projects.  



BeWunder was brought in to deliver the Lighting, Audio, Video, and Rigging scope while also handling the logistical requirements of delivering over 32 tons of specified equipment for the event. Our renowned expertise in project and contingency management, diverse team of experts, and highly connected network of partners helped us to deliver an end-to-end solution in a fourteen-day timeline, from the project’s go ahead to the live event.