Gallery Design at Saudi Design Festival


Gallery Design

Commissioned by:

The Open Lab


17th – 18th January 2023


Gallery Design, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Supplied Services for this Project:


As the successor to Saudi Design Week, the newly reimagined Saudi Design Festival debuted in Riyadh from January 12th to 23rd. As a part of this, design destinations and activations took place in over 40 locations throughout the city, including Gallery Design – a leading design, supply, and contracting firm for architects and designers.

BeWunder created an intricate projection mapping installation on the façade of the Gallery Design building, with the visual content provided by Kunzberg – an experiential design company from Germany. Gallery Design hosted an event that aimed to bring together individuals in the design community, to highlight their showroom and furniture gallery whilst also having various famed architects to deliver speeches and presentations.

As a part of the event, a projection mapping show was created and named, “Geometric Scapes”, referring to the spectacular 3D projection show that playfully uses the geometry of the building to depict ideas emerging from geometric elements. Accompanied by music provided by BeWunder’s audio installation scope, the façade of the building was transformed entirely into a stage.


BeWunder worked in collaboration with Gallery Design and Kunzberg for the purpose of this show, delivering projection mapping on a building façade along with audio to accompany the show.