Insideout – Multimedia Installation, Dubai


flora&faunavisions GmbH

Commissioned by:

flora&faunavisions GmbH


18th to 24th March 2018



Supplied Services for this Project:

During the Dubai Art Week, we were commissioned to plan and implement the “Insideout” multimedia installation at the INKED event location. The project – created as a 360° projection by Scottish artist Leigh Sachwitz – guides visitors into a multimedia installation in the form of a house rocked by the forces of nature.

The “flora&faunavisions” design studio commissioned us to contribute our expertise in 3D video mapping and audio surround installations during the design phase. Two 21K projectors were responsible for the “happenings” on the roof, while four 13K projectors provided back projection for the four outer walls. A loudspeaker was installed in each of the four corners of the room to provide the 4.1 audio experience, thus ensuring that visitors were able to experience the full effect of the Surround Sound (sound design: Andi Toma, “Mouse on Mars”). Guests enjoyed the multimedia production amongst other things during a “pop up dinner” – the entire audio-visual and culinary experience was inspired by the life and works of the artist Frida Kahlo and her house “Casa Azul” in Mexico City.

“Insideout” had previously appeared at the Triennial of Photography in Hamburg, the Vienna Design Week and during a further stopover in Paris – and in March 2018 for the first time in the United Arab Emirates.