Luxembourg Pavilion “Resourceful Luxembourg”,
Expo 2020 Dubai


NÜSSLI Satal Project Management LLC

Conception, design:

Jangled Nerves


1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022


Expo 2020 Dubai

Supplied Services for this Project:


How to describe Luxembourg in one word? Indomitable. The country with a thousand-year history survived through countless adversities and yet prospered among powerful surrounding neighbours. Coming from an agricultural background, Luxembourg managed to completely reconstruct itself and create a world financial hub that now is ranked the second richest country in the world. Luxembourg is a perfect example of a continuous reinvention with a new emphasis on digital technologies, research, and space industries.

Main Theme

The main theme of the Luxembourg pavilion at Expo 2020 is resourcefulness, located in the Opportunity section of the exhibition. The pavilion is neatly designed to demonstrate an innovative side of the country in the context of diversity, connectivity, and sustainability. With the help of the latest integrated technology, visitors are taken into a futuristic excursion. Visitors will find numerous opportunities for potential investment as Luxembourg has established itself as a strong advocate for sustainability, finding new resources, and preserving the environment.

The Experience

The first part of the journey takes visitors through a spiral ramp that is divided into three main themes and fitted with mixed installations, video and photo installations, PCs screens, projections, and interactive screens as a notable cutting-edge addition to a high-class design.

After learning the three main key components of the country (diversity, connectivity, and sustainability), guests enter the “Enterprising” segment, where visitors will enjoy a fascinating presentation of the country on a 180-degree curved screen.

The last key aspect of Luxembourg is “beautiful” which shows how the Grand Duchy is not only technologically advanced but also full of captivating and natural landscapes. Here, visitors will enter natural landscapes and have a chance to try many entertaining features like taking a slide out of the pavilion.

Our Main Challenges

One of the main challenges that we have faced while working on the Luxembourg pavilion was the implementation of small PCs and monitor systems into custom-made 3D- printed hands, in total 70 pieces. It is one of the zones in the spatial scenography ramp, the “Diverse” section, where the media installation provides in-depth information about the diversity of Luxembourg.

Another demanding zone within the ramp was the “Connecting” part, where we encountered the challenge of mounting 13 wide-angle projectors in a narrow space behind the wall to create an interactive wall structure being apart only 40cm in some areas.

The last but not the least challenge was for audio engineers on-site to provide the finest quality sound possible through the internal multi-channel audio system across the entire pavilion space.

Our Solutions

The first task was undertaken by our extremely knowledgeable engineering team, which has successfully installed the full audio and video systems within a confined space.

The team has also effectively fixed a versatile mounting system for all projectors with a rotatable axis as well as mapping video content with a short distance between projectors and the screens.

In order to level the sound across the building, we have used a 64 channel QSYS audio playback system with a single audio player per distributed speaker to create such a controlled and diverse sound experience.

Photos: Andreas Keller