Mercedes-Benz Flagship Store, Moscow/Russia


Mercedes Benz Russia SAO


January 2015 to December 2016

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Mercedes-Benz Plaza

Supplied Services for this Project:

A Mercedes-Benz showroom serves a wide range of purposes that go far beyond a mere salesroom: brand presence in the city and establishing customer loyalty. With an increasing number of vehicles being ordered online, the “Mercedes-Benz Plaza” in Moscow also wants to give customers experiences and make them offers that are not possible in the virtual world.

The flagship store of Mercedes-Benz Russia comprises various worlds based on different topics that help to facilitate individual communication with customers. We were commissioned by the main contractor to carry out the technical implementation for the use of light, audio and video for the showroom and were also responsible for event IT and media programming.

With respect to the complete project planning for all technical systems, we conducted extensive local negotiations for the companies involved and took care of the complex customs formalities. Our customer also benefited from the fact that our Russian-speaking experts in the team did not have to surmount any language barriers and possessed the necessary intercultural skills. During the subsequent realization of the project, our Eastern Europe team ensured smooth-running interaction between the partners.

Our contribution to this fixed installation covered the conceptual design for the complete presentation of the flagship store, which also included special programming in addition to audio, light and video. Showroom staff can control the entire media equipment – encompassing over 500 lights, around 175 loudspeakers and room darkening system – using tablets or fixed-position touchscreens. Ten of the displays feature RFID receivers: if a Mercedes salesperson approaches the display holding a tablet equipped with a corresponding RFID tag, the employee is located and can show his or her desktop on the display.

Customers take delivery of their new Mercedes in one of the “Delivery Lounges”. The buyer waits here during a projection show for the new vehicle, which rises through the floor on a lift while the show is running. Then a gate to the city opens, the customer climbs into the vehicle – and drives out of the flagship store onto the streets of Moscow.