Mobility CAFE

“Leap to Make Lives Better”


Expo 2020 Dubai

Commissioned by:

Expo 2020 Dubai


1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022


Expo 2020 Dubai

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The Mobility pavilion, named Alif after the first letter of the Arabic alphabet, is located at one of the site’s main entrances, which is marked by the Asif Khan-designed gateway. Its name was selected to represent the beginning of the moving process. The design of a magnificent and futuristic building was done by the award-winning global studio Foster + Partners.

BeWunder’s scope was to provide a large, curved LED screen and playback system package in the Mobility Café located inside the pavilion and part of a two-floor restaurant with an exclusive design and delectable food. 

The Main Theme

The main theme of Mobility Pavilion is “Leap to make lives better”. 

Alif – The Mobility Pavilion passes on novel thoughts of mobility in a basic yet engaging and thought-provoking way. The unique pavilion will highlight your day with a fantastic experience by leading visitors through time and space, coming face-to-face with history’s greatest minds, learning more about essential discoveries, and uncovering the future of humanity’s progress. 

The Mobility Café theme is “Silk Road”. The design and the menu are inspired by that very history-defining phenomenon, providing more information on one of the most important ancient routes that had contributed to numerous cultures’ development. 

The Experience

Internally, the exhibition area is divided into three main areas, each crafted as a petal. First, visitors enter directly into the centre of the building, where they will see the world’s largest passenger lift that can accommodate more than 160 people. Next, this mobile platform takes everyone to the third level, where they can descend through successive interconnected galleries to the basement, featuring an innovative, immersive, and interactive experience focused on mobility.

Once guests reach Mobility Café, they will encounter an 8–meter high LED video wall displaying a series of picturesque landscapes of the Silk Road route. The content is presented in spiral Zen patterns to create a unique ambience inside the restaurant.

Our Main Challenges

The main challenge was to build a substructure for the LED screen and position the screen correctly as it sits between 2 floors at the back of the extremely limited access concrete circular stake. 

Our Solutions

The team of BeWunder’s professional engineers worked hard on the project, facing additional challenges during the process. Nonetheless, the work was done perfectly, and now guests can enjoy the main attraction of the Mobility Café.


Photos: Andreas Keller