Museum of the Future, Dubai / UAE



Commissioned by:

Government of Dubai


8th to 10th February 2016


Madinat Jumeirah Hotel & Resort

Supplied Services for this Project:


What innovative services could new technologies provide for citizens in the future? Multimedia impressions and answers surrounding this topic were presented to visitors at this year’s “Museum of the Future” event, held as part of the three-day “World Government Summit” in Dubai. Some of the world’s leading figures from the fields of technology, design and prototype development created the concept for seven exhibition areas. 



BeWunder was brought to create three virtual spaces in which the content for the projections, for example, virtual characters – was calculated by the latest media systems.

Another highlight was a four-metre high, 360° LED wall , which we deployed to visualize artificial intelligence and thus lead the guests into a world of the future. All of the exhibition areas were virtually linked by “reflection zones”, on which content was also displayed despite the particular architectural features. PublicisLive had commissioned us to realize the Audio, Lighting, Video and Rigging for the project.