O2 Studio/



Telefónica Germany

Commissioned by:

Telefónica Germany


1st July 2022 to 1st september 2022



Supplied Services for this Project:


O2 Telefónica Germany is a renowned European telecommunications provider and one of the leading telecommunication providers in Germany, looking for a way to transform a small space in Media Markt in Alexa shopping mall, Berlin, into an interactive multimedia room. The goal was to erase any gaps their customers faced during interactions with the brand, through the integration of immersive technology and gamification of the product. 

BeWunder was brought into the fold to fill these gaps with our resourceful use of technology and design. 


This short track project was delivered within three months from the first contact until handover. 

BeWunder sourced 49 sqm of a high resolution 1,56 mm pixel pitch LED wall directly from China including logistics and customs to create a 270° view for visitors.We were also responsible for designing the custom steel substructure for the LED wall that carries part of the fit out, such as the ceiling element with integrated lighting track and a 7.1 audio system.

Playback of audio and video is delivered with a Watchout media server system. A Medialon show control is used for everyday operation as well as special events such as product presentations and cultural events. Other areas of involvement included all cabling works and the delivery of the main power distribution board for the space. 

Recently O2 launched an immersive VR experience in O2 studio Berlin, where the visitors can dive in into an impressive digital art Metaverse. BeWunder has provided the VR equipment including periphery. 


Spatial conception, scenography: ATELIER BRÜCKNER
Media content, design: Serviceplan – House of Communication
Photography: Ken Schluchtmann