O2 Studio/



Telefónica Germany

Commissioned by:

Telefónica Germany


1st July 2022 to 1st september 2022



Supplied Services for this Project:


O2 Telefonica is a renowned British telecommunications provider, looking for a way to transform a small space in Media Markt Alex, Berlin, into an interactive multimedia room. The goal was to erase any gaps their customers faced during interactions with the brand, through the inclusion of immersive tech and gamification of the product.

BeWunder was brought into the fold to fill these gaps with our resourceful use of tech and design.


Over the course of three weeks, the scope of our work included an LED wall with a substructure, made up of 243 multimedia LED panels to create a 270° view for visitors. We also provided 02 with Cabling, Sub-distribution, Lighting, Sound, Medialon control, watchout programming and content upload.


Spatial conception, scenography: ATELIER BRÜCKNER
Media content, design: Serviceplan – House of Communication
Photography: Ken Schluchtmann