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EXPO 2020 Dubai


HQ Worldwide Shows

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HQ Worldwide Shows


1st January  2022 to 31st March 2022


Expo 2020 Dubai

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To further expand the Fitness & Entertainment offerings on the EXPO site, Sports Arena was added at the beginning of January 2022. A multipurpose Sports Arena was to host multiple types of sports activities. The three-month program started with football and tennis, followed by aerial gymnastics, boxing fights, group workouts, and yoga, including the final FIBA 3×3 Basketball competition. To ensure suitable pitch lighting in the Arena, we chose one of the most trusted products in the market, Philips Arena Vision, for an equal brightness of 1000LUX across the field, which guaranteed excellent broadcast footage for EXPO TV.

Used Technology 


MA Lighting Control System (GrandMA2 Desk, NPUs and Nodes)

Martin Moving Lights (Viper, Quantum, Rush)

GLP Impression X4 Bars

Philips Arena Vision for Stadium Flood

Total 172 Fixtures


Yamaha Control System (QL Series)

Shure Wireless Microphones (ULXD)

d&b Audio Soundsystem (V-Series)

Total 78 Loudspeakers


Blackmagic Video Control System

QLAB Playback

Esdlumen P4.8MM wing plus LED Screen (216sqm)


Cisco Fiber Network