Takashi Murakami Exhibit


ICD Brookfield Place

Commissioned By:

ICD Brookfield Place


November 25th 2022, to January 28th 2023


Perrotin Gallery at ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai

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For Perrotin Gallery’s grand opening at ICD Brookfield Place Dubai, renowned Japanese modern-art creator Takashi Murakami presented his first ever exhibition in Dubai. Featuring Murakami’s most prominent works, the exhibition presented a wide range of sculptures, paintings, and installations.  

 The Murakami.Flowers series, a hybrid NFT project was inspired by ‘70s Japanese video game graphics, where Takashi Murakami and his team centered each piece around the key number 108, associated with the Buddhist principle of bonnō, or materialistic and earthly temptations. Ingeniously created using 108 backgrounds, 108 flower colors, and 108 fields, this piece is arguably one among Murakmi’s most popular works.

In contrast with the rustic walls of the gallery, the artist also presented a life-like miniature sculpture of himself, known as Murakami Mini Arhat.  



BeWunder was brought into the fold by Perrotin Gallery and ICD Brookfield Place Dubai to deliver the lighting scope for the entirety of the exhibition, spanning three months. The lighting for the gallery was intended to be clean, minimalistic, and sharp, taking away the attention from each piece’s environment and focusing entirely on the art itself. 

Takashi Murakami

Views of the exhibition at Perrotin Dubai, ICD Brookfield Place, from November 25, 2022 to

January 28, 2023.

©2022 Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy Perrotin

Photo: Altamash Urooj