Terhal, by Dragone   


Saudi Arabia Ministry of Culture

Commissioned By:

Hwadi SA


02nd to 19th March 2023


Riyadh, KSA

Supplied Services for this Project:


Renowned performing arts and experience design company, Dragone, recently debuted their first collaboration with the Saudi Ministry of Culture to reveal their latest production, Terhal. This creation is the first show of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, paying an ode to the region’s rich history, culture, and the significance its people play in modern society.

This theatrical live show features over 60 local Saudi artists, and 60 international performers, creating an adventure for the audience to experience. The journey follows Saad, a young Saudi living in Riyadh, who travels across time and space to make friends, experiences the intensity and ferocity of nature, and much more, all to discover that the key to the future lies in his country’s heritage. Moving beyond the realm of traditional theatre, Terhal is a captivating masterpiece and a celebration of all that the Kingdom has to offer.

Terhal is also the first Dragone show to open since the passing of Dragone’s founder and Artistic Director, Franco Dragone. He was heavily involved in its development, making it an extremely special show for the entire organization, with every artist and creative striving to honor his legacy in the industry.


BeWunder was brought in to deliver the full lighting scope for the course of the whole production, along with video, and rigging. Our team was heavily involved in the rehearsals stage of the show as well, ensuring that all details are complimentary to the artists on stage and the overall production.

Show dates: 

Opening show – 2nd March 2023

Closing show – 19th March 2023

Photography credits: Uladzislau Ivanou