Topgolf / Oberhausen


Greenreb Deutschland GmbH

Commissioned by:

Greenreb Deutschland GmbH


1st August  2020 to 31st December 2021



Supplied Services for this Project:


Greenreb GmbH represents a new global sports and entertainment phenomenon brought to Europe by courtesy of the Topgolf company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Topgolf operates more than 50 locations all around the world and offers customers to play virtual golf.

Redesigning the driving range for a golf game enhancement allowed people from all walks of life, skill levels, and ages to enjoy an inspired merge of new technologies and social experience. In addition, each Topgolf venue features a climate-controlled bay for year-round play, food, beverages, concerts, and live sports tv.

Topgolf is a three-story-tall driving range aiming to hit one of 11 enormous dartboard-like targets scattered around the outfield. The range is populated by dozens of bays, which customers can rent on an hourly basis. Points are awarded depending upon proximity to the target and distance a golf ball has traveled. The RFID chip is placed inside each golf ball to assign it to the individual player and provide instant feedback on each shot’s accuracy in the target. Utilizing more than 250,000 chips, 640 readers, 14 high-speed cameras, and Toptracer technology provides each player with a real-time track of the ball trajectory. Each player can monitor their progress and playfully compete with others on the driving range while enjoying delicious food and drinks served at each bay. Additionally, customers can play Topgolf Swing Suite Games, various interactive virtual games designed with LED walls, Full Swing golf simulator technology, and high-tech sensors.


BeWunder collaborated with different stakeholders to install state-of-art game systems like TopTracer cameras, server room, wireless access points, CCTV, satellite TV, high-performance audio solutions and lighting for an exceptional game experience.

Our scope included conducting the laying of the network, multimode fibre, and loudspeaker cables, mounting infilled LED walls and 270x LCD-Screens, pitching audio and video equipment, and lighting to the highest level coupled with presenter systems for event spaces.

Coordination between different stakeholders and COVID infection guidelines concerns were addressed and effectively resolved on the spot.




Photos: Axel Hartmann