Viega Media Experience Center


Atelier Markgraph GmbH

Project Partners:

metron eging GmbH


30th May 2020 to 31st December 2022


Attendorn, Germany

Supplied Services for this Project:


Viega, one of the leading companies in the installation sector, recently announced the opening of “Viega World” – an interactive training center aiming to provide versatile training and further education programs for skilled professionals in the industry. The Viega World experience center focuses on creating interactions through which its visitors may acquire knowledge, and the construction of the future can be made tangible for the learning process.

This flagship project demonstrates how the construction industry can further benefit from using the BIM (Building Information Model) working methodology, like flexible planning processes. Being the first educational institute to use BIM across all its phases of planning, construction, and operation, Viega World sets a brand-new benchmark in the future of sustainable construction. This integrative planning approach can be further replicated and transferred to other building projects to enable long-term sustainability and energy-efficient construction.

Compliance with the latest DIN standards, fulfillment of European certifications for sustainability, and DGNB quality levels Platinum and Climate Active Gold were the top priorities during the implementation, affecting the materials and equipment used for the project.



BeWunder was tasked with equipping the Viega Media Experience Center for presentations and seminars, with 360° spatial audio, 360° projection (12x 4k), and lighting technology.

The image content to be displayed in 2D and 3D is interactively connected to a 360° spatial audio system. Owing to the complex nature of the integration and interaction of the presentation technology with the building’s automation, BeWunder created solutions to realize the project’s requirements with a simple user interface.

The scope of our involvement further included:

  • 3D spatial audio synchronized with a 360° projection, active 3D (stereoscopic).
  • Control via tablet for operation by moderators without a technical background.
  • Special suspension construction for projector mounts, the projectors are moved out of the projector barrel via a cable winch for servicing.
  • Automated calibration and equalisation of projection across multiple cameras.
  • Complete automation of audio, video, light show, and control including integration of the building automation with presence detectors, card readers, service scenario, and readiness messages

Conception, design, planning, realization, overall management: Atelier Markgraph GmbH, Frankfurt am Main for Viega GmbH & Co. KG, Ennest

Photo credits: Kristof Lemp, Darmstadt