Stiftung Exilmuseum Berlin

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Stiftung Exilmuseum Berlin


February to March 2023


Berlin, Germany

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In 2026, the new Exile Museum is set to be built at the “Anhalter Bahnhof” in Berlin, which will tell the stories of people who fled and were exiled, specifically from the years 1933-1945. It aims to connect those stories to the present by questioning how flight and uprooting have become the central experiences of our time, what the connection is between exile- historically, as compared to modern times, and what we can learn from the past that can be applied to the world today. The preliminary idea behind the Exile Museum is to combine history with multimedia technology, creating an immersive storytelling experience, and an open dialogue for visitors to explore.  

In order to bridge the gap between the completion of the project, and to illustrate to the public what they can expect from the soon to open museum, the Exile Museum Foundation has opened the “Exile Museum Workshop”. The Workshop is a space where visitors can actively experience the creation of the museum and be directly involved in its development.  

Within the Workshop, a room called “Laboratory” is dedicated to tabletops that contain designs corresponding to the exhibition rooms for the future Exile Museum. Visitors are encouraged to design floorplans using colored adhesive tapes, plan and redesign installations, allowing the public to contribute their ideas, gain insights into the work of the foundation, and be directly involved in the process of planning. Another space in the venue called the “Studio” is also being used to conduct interviews with refugees and asylum seekers, both from previous generations and present day.  

On March 23, 2023, the finished “Exile Museum Workshop” was presented to the public by the Exile Museum patrons, Herta Müller and Joachim Gauck, the former President of the Federal Republic of Germany.  


BeWunder’s Spatial Experiences team diligently provided the audio and video installations, parts of the LED lighting and control systems, projection onto a custom-mounted motor screen, and supported the press conference launch of the Exile Museum Workshop.  

© Exilmuseum Foundation, photo by Till Budde. 

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